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Here’s some information about other cycle events and Mösseberg recreation area.


This summer a digital quiz walk is arranged that provides both exercise and brain gym.Everyone has the chance to win a gift card worth SEK 300 for purchases in Aktiv Handel’s shops, cafes and restaurants.
The digital quiz walk is completely free and is carried out during the period 22 May to 22 August.

The purpose of the quiz walk is to offer an activity that feels safe and secure to participate in. Everyone chooses whether they want to walk, jog or cycle. There are many different routes to choose from. A total of 166 gift cards (SEK 300) have been purchased from Aktiv Handel. At the end of August, these will be drawn out among all who participated.

To participate in the digital quiz walk, you must download the tipsrundan app on your smartphone. Then follow the steps below.

  • Open the app and scan the QR code available to scan at various locations in the city. For example, posters in shops, sidewalk talkers on Stora Torget and outside St Olof’s church. You can also go to the Facebook page or Instagram account for Handel in Falköping and download the QR code there.
  • Choose one of the rounds and then scan the QR code that applies to it.
  • Enter your email address as username. Then you go and participate.
  • The app is GPS based so you will get a map where the various questions are digitally placed. Press the positioned map pin with numbers in turn to get directions to the next question.
  • Touch the map pins with numbers, follow the map and answer the hint questions in the app. (all tips are digital in the app.


Come and enjoy the views and the beautiful natural landscapes on Mösseberg! You can exercise, have a sauna, go skiing, visit a zoo, camp, grill sausages, play frisbee golf, go on a quiz walk, play beach volleyball or have a dip in the lake, and much more.

The peak’s highest point is 327 metres over sea level and it is one of the many plateau mountains in Falbygden.