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  • Always wear a helmet when you’re cycling.
  • There is no general prohibition on cycling on exercise trails or hiking paths, but they are meant for people who are walking or running, so you should ride at a speed that will not endanger other users and accept that walkers and runners have priority.
  • Tyres with a deep tread pattern can easily damage paths and soft ground. Adapt the way you ride to the conditions underfoot and avoid boggy paths, especially during spring and autumn, when the ground is wetter.
  • Care for the environment – remember that we all have a responsibility not to damage our surroundings, or trespass on private land. If you stop to have a picnic, take your litter with you afterwards. Always respect fire bans in force. Don’t disturb birds or wildlife. Be particularly careful in spring and early summer when many birds have young.


Take a map and description of the route, mobile phone, inner tube, tools, extra clothes, food and water with you.

The road awaits – have fun out there!